Welcome to DELTA, your source for all things Youth Activism America.

In chemistry, the Delta (Δ) is the symbol for Change, and that’s what this generation is all about. Education reform, climate change action, and gun safety resolutions barely scratch the surface of the potential of Generation Z, the kids born 1995-2008. Microgenerations include Gen Strong, 1999-2003, and Gen Change, 2001-2005. We come after the Millennials and barely coexist with the 90s Kids. We’re too young for Dial-Up, but too old to wonder why we say “Hang up the phone.” We are succeeded by Gen Alpha, 2009-present day. We were just in time for MS Paint and Pinballz, the good Disney and Nick, and were already in grade school by the time of the iPhone. Watching Vine compilations is a date, having opinions about news media is the standard, and didn’t miss out on the Blue Eyeshadow Phase. The thing that binds us is, this is not a Moment, it’s a Movement.

GenDelta does not take any particular stance on issues, authors and writers are free to express their own opinions and views on all relevant topics. These are the voices of the generation.


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