Remembering Santa Fe

Santa Fe High School Shooting

Friday, May 18th 2018. 7:30 am, Santa Fe High School, Texas
Written on July 11th, 2018
Written and edited by: Laur Baird

A male student, 17, came into an art hallway with four classrooms in it and began firing rounds into an art room. Ten students were shot and killed, while at least ten more were injured. The shooter walked into the school on the morning of May 18th with a shotgun and a handgun. He wore a trench coat and combat boots, with a shirt that said ‘born to kill’ underneath his coat, hiding the guns in his jacket. A student said that he began shooting the moment he walked in the classroom, exclaiming, ”surprise!” at the students before he started shooting them. He had also made homemade bombs, and had planted them around the school and the nearby communities. Police bomb squads checked out the school and the surrounding area before securing it, and deeming it safe. Luckily, the bombs did not go off.

The shooter is said to have stolen the two guns used in the shooting from his father, who purchased the guns legally. He used a shotgun and a .38 caliber pistol. The father had been in trouble with police before, and had trouble with the law multiple times prior, and was charged twice with misdemeanor assault.

Among the victims of the shooting were Aaron Kyle McLeod, Angelique Ramirez, Kimberly Vaughan, Cynthia Tisdale, Sabika Sheikh, Chris Stone, Jared Black, Shana Fisher, Glenda Ann Perkins, and Christian Riley Garcia. Two of the ten people killed were substitute teachers. The other eight who were killed were all students, of all different ages and grades.

In an interview from ABC-13, a student from the high school stated that she wasn’t surprised that a shooting occurred at her own high school. “It’s been happening everywhere. I’ve always felt it would eventually happen here too.” The student, Paige Curry, told a reporter that she had stayed calm during the ordeal, but that another student was panicking, and other students had to help calm her down.

Bree Butler, a senior at Santa Fe, told an interviewer at NPR about that day, and said that because of the timing, it could have been her class, instead of the art classroom. “He was in my second period class… about 20 more minutes and I would have been in the classroom,” she stated in the interview. Bree supports gun reform legislation, and said how strange it feels to know that this happened to her high school. She said that it feels so strange, since it isn’t happening in another state anymore- it is happening right inside of her school. There was a shooting threat made to the school, back in February, and the school was on lockdown for around four hours, while people believed there was a shooter inside the building.

Another student, Rome Shubert, was shot in the head while in art class that day. He told reporters that he started hearing loud banging in his classroom, and then his ears started ringing. Rome said that he didn’t even know that he had been shot, because luckily the bullet had gone through the back of his head and came back out. His mother spoke out, saying that a change is needed, and that this situation should have never happened in the first place.

The shooter was mocking the terrified and traumatized students inside of the art classrooms, saying things like, “do you think it’s for you? do you want to come answer it?” when the students cell phones started to ring in the room. The shooter was going in and out of classrooms, and walking around the hallway, looking for students who managed to escape the classroom. He yelled and continued firing more rounds, only stopping momentarily to reload his gun, before walking back inside classrooms and shooting more people.

Trenton Beazely, a student from Santa Fe High School, said that the gunman was playing music and laughing, all while he was he shooting students and teachers. Students said that whenever he would shoot somebody, he would say, “another one bites the dust,” and start laughing at the students. The shooter went into hiding places that the teenagers were in, taunting them, before shooting them. Students were forced to hide for their lives, and hope that the shooter would not find them and their hiding spots. Others helped wrap wounds for students that had been shot, and helped comfort those who were unconsolable, something that a teenager should never have to experience for as long as they live.

Students were forever changed by this day, and this will be a memory that will never leave them. They will be reminded of the events that took place at the school forever, even if they try their hardest to forget.

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