It’s been five months. We’re not shutting up.

Virginia Gaffney, ATX

There are so many things I want to say. Things I stayed up all night thinking to write. Things I know I would want said to me if I was in the shoes of the survivors and community of MSD, Parkland, Broward County. Things that are ringing in my head, demanded to be written and read and heard. But nothing reverberates more than the feeling of hope I have when I see the words of the community itself. I am miles away, praying my brother and friends and cousins all get out of school safely just like I did. Praying that I will never see my town turned into a hashtag. I am praying for that luxury. I am working for us all to have that luxury. We are all working. To the 17 eagles soaring high, and to the hundreds on the ground, you are the epitome of what it means to be American. Never again, and never forget.

Never forget, never forget, never forget.

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