Today is 5 months since Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre.

DbEGgC1VQAAYTTWI can’t even begin to explain the hurt and sadness I have experienced since this happened on February 14, 2018! It seems like a day ago and a year ago, to be honest. I drive past MSD almost everyday and it still feels unreal . I’m an alum of MSD and knowing I have walked those halls at one point in my life just makes this hit so close to home. I can’t even begin to express what the families of the victims must be going through or even the students, teachers, families in general that attend and work at that school. However, what makes this easier to get through is knowing that teens, young adults and parents are working so hard everyday to help make this country a safer and better place everyday! Working together to create and bring change has led me to meet the most inspiring and caring / sweetest people I have ever met in my life. Their strength and bravery is so admiring! March For Our Lives movement and Never Again was formed in the following few days after the shooting. On February 17th, the never again group held its first rally in front of the Broward county federal courthouse and from that moment on the never again movement has been hard at work!!




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