Bio: Esta O’Mara

Social Media:

Twitter- estababyy

Instagram – babyestaxo

Location: Galveston , Texas

Why I Fight:

I lived in Santa Fe, Texas for three years before i moved this summer. I attended Santa Fe Highschool and experienced the events of May 18th. I lost my best friend as a result. All I’ve felt constantly for the past two months is pain and anger, i am hoping to channel those emotions into something powerful that has an impact on the world. It shouldn’t be normal for children to be prepared to run for their lives. It shouldn’t be normal for me to cry every night because my best friend is dead. It shouldn’t be normal for politicians to value money over the lives of children. I believe the youth has the power to beat the challenges placed in front of us, that power is instilled in me and every other young person who finds the power in them stand up for what they believe is right. Gun violence is an epidemic and many politicians look the other way despite the 96 people a day that are dying. Do not let those people run this country, they will run it into the ground.

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