Bio: Sophie Hulet

Activism Background: My name is Sophie Hulet (pronouns she/they). I am a senior in high school from the Seattle area and have been an activist for much of my life. I am an LGBTQ+ leader in my community and school (being bisexual and non-binary myself). I have always been deeply involved in activism and politics, but after the shooting at MSD high school in Parkland happened and the March For Our Lives movement started, I was motivated to begin my own gun control activism group, Eastside Students for Gun Reform. I am co-president of the group along with Cameron McCrea. Since, I have been deeply involved with gun reform activism and am fortunate to be working many groups including National Die-In, National Organization for Change (March On NRA), and now Gen Delta/GenStrongChange. I am also very open about my experiences with mental illnesses in an attempt to break the harmful stigma around them.

Facts About Me: I love to run, despite the fact that I have asthma. I do cross country and track and field (in which I sprint, long jump, and triple jump). I’m an artist specializing in portrait sketching. Sci-Fi is the thing I love most in this world (Live Long and Prosper) and I am the hugest space and math nerd you will find. My dream is to be an astrophysicist and maybe go into space one day. I play the trumpet in my school’s Wind Ensemble. I love music, and I’ll spend hours reading and writing. My favorite food is Pad Thai, and I have a 2-year-old cat named Daisy who I love with all my heart.

My Pages/Organizations

Instagram: sophiehulet / esgractivists

Twitter: spacequeensoph / MONRAOlympia

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