bio: laur baird

my social media:

instagram: yolaurr (

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location: fairfax, virginia

why I fight: While I am lucky enough to not have ever been involved personally in a shooting, I have a friend who has been. The fact that every time I go into a store, public area, or large event, I scan for exits, hiding spots, and try to think of ways I could help others escape is terrifying enough. So many people are effected by gun violence every single day, and so many of those people aren’t even on the major news outlets. So many people go unreported. I think that is awful and terrible, and I want to help make a change. I am so inspired by other teen activists, and I am very passionate in writing and psychology, as well as politics (obviously.) I fight so that one day, we will live at peace and know that gun violence is no longer a top issue in this country.

I am so proud of every single person, young or old, who has helped take a stand against gun violence. I believe that we can fix this, as long as we work together and believe that we can.

-laur :’)

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