Bio: Christina Ann

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twitter: @ReadySetRock75

name: Christina Ann

location: Coral springs/Parkland Florida

Why I Fight: My name is Christina and I am an alumni of MSD! I graduated a few years ago and the school has the most special place in my heart. The day of Valentines Day, it was a Wednesday and my mom and I were out together spending some time together and it was around 2:30 or so that my dad sends us a text saying ‘Christina, MSD is all over the news , they had a shooting.’ my heart completely broke. I couldn’t even come to terms and the fact that a school that I spent four years at , was just shot up. I immediately checked my phone for updates because I wasn’t home yet and didn’t know what was going on and when I turned my phone on it said 7 people had died, and 10 were injured at that time and then every few minutes when I went to check the news , more and more people were injured and 17 were found dead . Then on the way home from spending the day with my mom, it was around 4 or 4:30 pm, and the whole street was blocked off due to the high school that it took us an extra hour to get home, we were surrounded by cop cars, ambulances, news reporters, news trucks and parents waiting for their kids a mile from the school because nobody was able to go anywhere near the school . Seeing all of this and knowing that I walked those halls at one point in my life really has made me want to dedicate as much of my time to helping anyone and everyone that is affected by gun violence. I fight for those that can’t anymore and I will use my voice for those who no longer have one and I will use my hands to type for those who no longer can.I fight for the people who leave their homes everyday and don’t know whether or not they will make it home alive. 96 people die a day due to gun violence and that number needs to be zero. Our life is short, precious and no price could label our lives!!!


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