Bio: Max Geller

Activism Background: I am a high school student in the Orlando area. After the MSD shooting, like many other students, I found myself void of surprise. It was just another day living in Florida where a year earlier, in my own city, 49 people were brutally murdered. Once I learned that I had the opportunity to go to the March for our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. with the help of my youth group, I began looking seriously into the state of guns in our country, the threat to reproductive rights, climate change, and so many other issues that plague the United States.

Since that time, I have been involved with March for our Lives, the National Association of Students Against Gun Violence, National Die-In, the campaigns of local candidates running for Congress and State Representative, and many other small projects.

Other Stuff: I’m actively involved in my local Jewish youth group (USY) and serve on our local chapter board, have been a member of my schools’ concert band since 6th grade playing the tuba and marching with the sousaphone. I love 60’s era music, The Office, Parks and Rec, Sci-Fi literature, dystopic novels, and mac and cheese.

My Social Media:

Instagram: @mgeller27

Twitter: @maxdgeller

To contact me, please reach out via direct message to either social media account listed above and via Instagram for expedited response times.

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