Bio: Aly Sheehy

Twitter and Instagram: @Aly_Sheehy

Location: Parkland, Florida

Organizations: March for our Lives Orlando, Neveragain, and Make Our Schools Safe.

Why I Fight: I have lived in Parkland my entire life and never really left the “bubble” that was our community. Parkland was considered one of the safest cities and prided itself on being a family friendly environment. I never once thought about anything bad happening, and was too preoccupied with school work or sports to think about anything else. In hindsight, I hate that I wasn’t more politically involved during my earlier years of high school. Politics play such a huge role in determining our future, and it pains me to see people disregard the voices to which the future matters most.

On February 14th, I was at school enjoying my valentine’s day with friends when we heard the fire alarm. We hid and listened in silence, waiting for the nightmare to be over. My school was on the news, my friends were being buried, my eyes were out of tears, and I lost all sense of safety. I can’t really describe how it felt, it was an out of body experience for the next couple of days and found myself numb to the world. I never want another person to experience the pain my classmates and I are going through. I’m fighting because I am tired of kids having to say goodbye to their friends. I’m fighting because I am tired of parents having to bury their children. I’m fighting because I am tired of adults telling us we are too young to understand. Too many people have lost someone they love to gun violence and I find that unacceptable, doesn’t that sound like something we should change?

I believe in this generation. We may be young, but we are ready to fight for our futures. We are stronger together.


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