What the SWAP is a SWAP Meet? Activism On the Road announces national activism meet-up in DC

August 13, 2018 at 9am; Senate Park, Washington DC; First-Ever Activism SWAP Meet

I think it’s time we admit that G.I.R.L. Scouts are pretty hardcore.

And a common scouting tradition at multi-troop, inter-council, regional, and national events is this thing called a SWAP Meet, involving members of groups trading “Something With A Pin,” usually including a small item such as a bell, shrinkydink, beads, anything representative of the group, and a message about the group, such as their name and location, or a short phrase. A common one in scouting is “One is Silver and the other Gold,” from the Friendship Song we all learn as young sister scouts.

A meet-up like this is a whole different kind of protest. It is not inherently political, nor does it have the nature of escalating to violence. It doesn’t need sponsorship nor news coverage. In fact, all it needs is groups interested in connecting with others involved in the ongoing march for an America we can be proud of.


With your group or on your own, you are invited as activists to Senate Park in Washington DC for the first-ever SWAP meet. Don’t forget to bring something to pin your SWAPs to, and come up with a creative SWAP to give! If you’re crafty, you can google ideas for your area. If you’re less than adept with a pipecleaner, keychains and pin buttons are just as special and welcome.

For more information, check out activontheroad on Twitter.

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