Bio: Tori Delanís

Instagram: delannis

Twitter: toridelanis

Location & Age: Florida & 18

Why I Fight: I fight because I am a young mixed woman who will always experience discrimination from some people just because of the color of my skin. I fight for the rights of people of color everywhere. We are so discriminated against in this country and since I still have a voice I’ve decided to use it. It’s almost daily that I read an article stating that another person of color has been killed or wrongfully locked up/sentenced/arrested. I’m so tired of seeing my colored brothers and sisters die at the hands of other people for senseless reasons. Colored people have been treated wrongly for hundreds of years and we’ve come a long way, but man we have so much farther to go. I believe if we could stop killing each other and come together we can do big things and change the world as we know it. I will be using this platform to bring awareness to the problems people of color face in this country.

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