“Recent Shootings” Are Becoming Too Common

“Recent Shootings” Are Becoming Too Common
Written and edited by: Laur Baird

It seems like every few days, I read an article about a shooting happening somewhere in America. Rightfully so, because guns kill on average 96 people every day. Only some of those stories make the headlines, and many shootings don’t even end up killing the targeted victim, so many other cases go unreported entirely. There have been two shootings (which made public news) that have happened within the past week or so that show how much farther we still have to go.

The Toronto Canada shooting- While this one did not happen in America, that does not mean that it does not matter. Gun laws are different there, and the people are different there as well, but that doesn’t mean that is not significant. On July 23rd, at around 10pm (local time,) a man opened fire in the Greektown district of the Toronto city. Among those killed was ten year old Julianna Kozis, and eighteen year old Reese Fallon. Julianna wanted to be an athlete when she grew up, Reese wanted to be a nurse. Julianna was a competitive swimmer, and a kind, beautiful young girl. Reese was going to start college this year, and was out to dinner with her friends, when she was shot and killed. Julianna’s father was injured during the attack, but he survived. The shooter was killed in a shootout with police, and 13 others were injured.


The Trader Joe’s, Los Angeles Shooting- On July 21st, a man shot his grandmother several times, kidnapped his girlfriend, and sent police on a high speed chase. After the man ran into a pole while trying to escape police, he got out of the vehicle and ran into a Trader Joe’s nearby. One woman was killed, Melyda Corado, 27 years old, who was the assistant manager at the store. The bullet that killed Corado was shot by an LAPD officer, but the gunmen is facing the murder charge, as well as many other charges. The shooter had a three hour hostage situation with the police, as some other customers in the store were able to escape and hide. After three hours, the man surrendered himself to police, and is being held on over a $9 million bail.


It seems like there are always stories on the news of people being shot and killed, or people being accidentally shot, every single day. That is the sad reality of America currently, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Stricter background checks will prevent people from buying guns if they have severe mental health issues, or if they are domestic abusers. These types of people should never be able to own a firearm. Red flag laws will make it certain that people who are at risk to themselves and others, will be restricted, and will not be able to purchase a firearm. If we can get these very simple and common sense gun reform laws passed, we will be able to ensure that dangerous people will be unable to commit these acts of violence again.

In loving memory of Julianna, Reese, and Melyda. We will never forget you.

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