Too Many POC Are Dying

July 22nd 2018 is the last time friends and family of Nia Wilson would ever hear her voice, see her face, or even just be in her presence. Nia was only 18 she had so much life ahead of her. She was too young she deserved so much better than what she was given. Nia never got the chance to go to college, get married, have kids, start her career, she never really got to live. Her death caused and uproar on social media so many people shared their condolences to her family. Nia made music and there was a rally held for her where her sister was blasting her music while everyone who attended listened to it. She was coming off a train in Oakland, California with her sister when a white man attacked her and her sister. Nia’s throat was slit but her sister made it out of the situation alive. They are saying the man was mentally ill, but I want to know why every time a white person kills/harms a POC, or anyone in general, they are said to be mentally ill. That is just giving a bad name for all mentally ill people. Not all violent people are mentally ill and not all mentally ill people are violent. That man was arrested and charged with the murder of Nia and the assault of her sister

People are calling this a hate crime and I agree with them. Why won’t the justice system just come to the understanding that some people just have that much hate in their hearts toward others. But then I remember there is no justice in a system that was made to keep minorities in a minority position. Some people will never understand how much simpler things would be if we looked past the color of people’s skin and actually got to know each other. There are still so many people in this world with so much hatred toward a skin color and they raise their children like that and it’s a never-ending cycle of people being taught to hate another person for something that is completely uncontrollable. I hope that I live to see a world where all people are truly treated equally.

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