Org Descriptions

A March For Our Lives was founded February of 2018 immediately following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS massacre that occurred Valentine’s Day of the same year. Students and families alike took to the internet and media to call out legislators and political leaders for their inaction that could have prevented the mass shooting. March 24, a nation-wide protest captured media and viewer attention, and the march continues through #RoadToChange, an ongoing tour of the contiguous US states to meet with locals and groups, even those that may not totally agree with this team’s mission of reinforcing gun control legislation, namely Open Carry Texas. Twitter, Website

Activism on the Road is the solo activist’s answer to the Road to Change. Without a community to join them, these youth are taking to the road themselves on missions of outreach, delegacy, and action. Founder Virginia Gaffney was gifted the first travel grant for AOTR, and took a road trip crossing twelve states in ten days, to interview a conservative long-time friend about politics and legislation, and “what we can all agree upon.” Donations to the scholarship are greatly appreciated, capturing the slogan, “turn your pocket change into global change.” Future recipients of the award will be named as funds are met for various events. Together, we have the power to create a better world. We’ve been through too much crap, so now we can swim in it, or fertilize the future and grow stronger, better, united against everything.Twitter, Facebook

The National Die-In is a student-led organization with members across the country. The aim is to commemorate the 49 innocent lives lost in the Pulse Nightclub Massacre on June 12, 2016, and every life lost to gun violence before and after this tragic event. Twitter, Website

The National March on the NRA is exactly what it sounds like: targeted action against the largest gun lobby in the United States. Private money feeding political agendas isn’t only evil when it’s a liberal agenda, and NMNRA knows it. Twitter

The National School Walkout occurred April 20, 2018, in memoriam of the 19th anniversary of the Columbine HS shooting. Founded by Lane Murdock, who lives only a few miles from Sandy Hook ES in Newtown, CT, gun violence hits home for more than the families of the countless victims of campus shootings. Students across the country walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes or more, giving speeches, and meeting with representative guests. Twitter, Website

The Orange Generation, what we all belong to, but especially referring to this team from Santa Fe, Texas. After tragedy came to the small coastal town in May of 2018, students banded together to create change. Twitter

This is Zero Hour is a Climate Change Action Campaign spearheaded by Jamie Margolin and Nadia Nazar. The unstoppable pair have coordinated massive efforts for awareness events in July of 2018, and will have ongoing work to make our planet healthier and more sustainable. This is a TEAM EFFORT! Twitter Website

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