The Op Ed: A Dark Tale Wrapped in A Bow

The news has been exploding after the recent release of an op-ed piece in the New York Times, authored by an anonymous source claiming to work as Executive staff. The piece details a “quiet resistance” within the White House against the president, Mr. Trump.

The open letter to America is meant to inspire opponents of the president to keep up hope, because there are heroes within the establishment fighting against tyranny. However, what this piece actually tells of is nothing short of a coup, and one that is not in the people’s best interest.

The secret advisers, to whom the author credits the few pieces of real legislation and progress that the administration has managed to crank out, are going directly against the president in covert and highly illegal ways. Besides being detrimental to the health of the entire system of government, these “bright spots” that the author mentions are sweeping tax cuts for the upper classes, extreme deregulation on threats to the environment, and a reinforcing of the military so unnecessary it defies practicality and even common sense, all at the expense of other fields of government spending such as education, science, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Anyone looking for a sign of hope or light within the letter will not find it, Trump supporter or no. What is scariest about this is that it implies that Mr. Trump, for all his bragging and boasting, has never truly been in charge, something quietly rumored in certain circles since the 2016 presidential race.

If what this mystery author says is true, then the real enemy of the people and the nation is not Mr. Trump, but the Republican Party as a whole. This may not come as any great shock to many people, but it should. That the Republican party was dangerous was never up for debate, but if they have gone to such lengths as to collaborate with a foreign government to elect a puppet president that would allow them to secretly implement their own agenda, without having to go through the normal and legal routes. . .then the country may be lost already. I am willing to believe this is not so, but we all must accept reality.

Here is the link to the Op Ed.

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