Kavanaughtholic: “Moms for Kavanaugh” ad fearmongers false accusers

It happened, y’all.

It really happened.

Someone really spent time and money and energy producing a fear-based ad (horror film violin screech included) claiming that if Dr Ford’s testimony prevents Kavanaugh’s appointment, that women will be willy-nilly making false accusations to destroy men.

I really have to wonder if everyone in this video knew what their face was about to be used for.

My heart sank when I saw the tweet. For survivors everywhere, the grief and anxiety that has come over the last few weeks is a shared experience of having to relive our own traumas, over and over again. This proceeding has meant listening to people we thought we could trust, say things echoing this very ad. It means that young women everywhere are learning that if they ever had to experience assault, rape, domestic violence, or abuse, there are people they can’t turn to. Their friends. Siblings. Parents. Family. Victim blaming perpetuates rape culture in a horrific way. I can only pray I will never have to teach my children to carry their keys between their fingers when they walk through parking lots, and lock the car as soon as they get in, but not before checking the back seat. May I never have to sit down on my kid’s bed and explain that they hold no blame for being violated. May I never have to see another disgusting ad like this.

And may you all remember to vote this November, because your senators are the ones who make decisions like this one for Kavanaugh, and we put them in their position to have that power. Make sure you are registered and vote, vote, vote.

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