Scholarship funds must reach $5000 to be awarded to youth activists at June festival

Hosted by Yours Truly, is Coordinating the upcoming first annual United Fates Festival 2019 @ Austin, scheduled for June 21-23, *clap clap clap clap* deep in the heart of Texas. The event’s primary purposes are to facilitate networking between missions and organizations, and to award scholarships to notable youth of the year in categories such as gun violence prevention activism, women in STEM, environmental protection efforts, and intersectional issues. These scholarships are privately sponsored by businesses and individuals, and must meet a minimum sum of $5,000 to be awarded to a winning nominee.

Sponsors of the scholarship funds are recognized at levels based on the amount of their sponsorship. Small contribution donors will have their names included in a booklet about the award, available to ceremony attendees. Larger sponsors receive benefits such as free admission passes, having their name or logo printed on merchandise, and being featured in advertisements.

Become a sponsor today at

Learn more about the nominees at

Nominate someone for a scholarship by submitting information to and view qualification criteria on the nominee page.

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