Texas MFOL association shows support for Youth Climate Strike with #TurnoutForTexas

#SchoolStrike4Climate has started buzzing as groups across the US and around the world are coordinating for a massive walkout on March 15. Expectedly, climate and environmental protection activists are at the forefront of this mission, but it doesn’t stop there. Chapters of popular gun violence prevention organization March for Our Lives have also weighed in on the global action plan.

MFOLTX, an association of chapters and individuals from across Texas, has spoken out about their support for Climate Strike TX in a series of tweets and the use of hashtag Turnout For Texas, coined during the 2018 midterm elections as part of the Turnout Tuesdays campaign, though Youth Climate Strike claims “Fridays For Future.”

@mfoltx tweets: “Why does March for Our Lives care about environmental protection? Climate change disproportionately affects impoverished, underdeveloped, unsupported, underrepresented, and disadvantaged communities; Environmental disaster death tolls are higher for low-income areas.”

It continues: “All issues are intersectional, and to make any progress, we must move the entire intersection in a better direction. We cannot make social progress without recognizing that our world and environment impact our societal growth.”

The communities mfoltx references are the same communities impacted by gun violence that March for Our Lives and many groups are making efforts to prevent and heal from. This allyship goes to show that working together across the intersections of injustice and action boosts our causes and raises our power as a generation of unstoppable changemakers. Where will you strike on March 15? Be sure to invite a friend!

Climate Strike TX is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @climatestriketx. RSVP for the Texas Capitol event here.

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