#ClimateQueens: “It is we who carry the fate of Mother Earth in our hands.” Women are leading the way in Climate and Environmental sciences and protection.

Following the momentous #SchoolStrike4Climate global action day on March 15, women continue as the frontrunners in protecting our Mother Earth and taking strides to heal our degrading climate and environment. From Greta Thunberg to Isra Hirsi to Jamie Margolin to Emma Galbraith, the fight for a cleaner world is built on strong women.


Emma Galbraith poses before the Texas Capitol, March 15 Photo by Virginia Gaffney

As part of United Fates Fest 2019 @ Austin, on Friday, June 21, there will be an outdoor acoustic jam session on the Capitol lawn, hosted by Climate Strike TX and Camp Oak Hallows of Central Texas. While admission passes for the United Fates festival are not required, passholders will have access to exclusive free merchandise on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition to the casual evening of live music under the setting sun, Climate Strike TX is seeking female speakers for a panel of “Climate Queens” on the topics of environmental science, climate change, and actionable efforts to better our world. Anyone wishing to speak on or facilitate the panel and event can email unitedfates@gendelta.co for more information. Supporters are invited to contribute as sponsors to the festival and this event specifically at supportful.com/unitedfates and leave a message with your donation earmarking it for Climate Queens. Sponsors are sorely needed as the festival date approaches, especially those of the Scholarship program.


Mark your calendars and get your admission passes for United Fates Fest!

Follow United Fates on Twitter and Facebook @unitedfatesfest, and GenDelta on Instagram @gendeltastrong

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