Austin students talk climate change and justice with KOOP Radio 91.7

Five young adults from Austin sat down with Bob Dailey and Jill Bailey at KOOP Radio on April 16 for an hour to discuss the environmental activism groups and efforts taking strides in the lone star state on the weekly show, “Civil Rights and Wrongs.”

VL Gaffney of Climate Strike TX, Emma Galbraith of Sunrise Movement ATX, George Wunch of UT Austin’s Students Fighting Climate Change, and Katherine Horstman and Jackson Bicart, UT Austin students advocating for divestment of fossil fuels by the university exchanged remarks and stories on and off air, laying foundations for coming collaborative projects.

Conversation covered why each guest became involved in climate justice efforts, their past and future work, and the intersectionality of climate change itself. As Wunch, Horstman, and Gaffney said, this is a “common cause” that is the foundation of nearly every other social advocacy issue on the table, from racism to immigration to accessibility. Those interested in learning more about these organizations and how to help the movement can attend the Capitol lawn occupation on April 22, visit @climatestriketx on facebook, instagram, and twitter, and stay turned with GenDelta for updates on all things relating to our world and our ability to live in it.

Listen to the April 16 broadcast: here

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