Texas HB 3557: Lone star legislature to criminalize climate activism

Filed on March 6, just nine days before the first global climate strike, Texas HB 3557 stands to make protest against the Permian Highway Pipeline a second-degree felony, equating climate activism to murder.

As reported by the Observer, “activists who engage in civil disobedience to stop or delay construction on pipelines would be charged” with as many as 20 years in prison.

On May 7, XR Austin, Sunrise ATX, and Climate Strike TX will rally at the Capitol against the bill, calling for the protection of the civil liberty to protest not only the Pipeline, but any future events. HB 3557 would set the precedent to criminalize any kind of activism, especially against capitalism. This comes after the Keystone Pipeline spill that followed the Standing Rock protests, showing that the political landscape didn’t learn from our very recent history of environmental endangerment and destruction.

The Permian Highway Pipeline will be 430 miles long, from Midland to Katy, Texas, 42″ in diameter, carrying natural gas, owned and operated by Kinder Morgan, thus connected to JP Morgan and Chase. Climate Strike TX called out the bank on Twitter:

Recently, climate activists attracted police attention for gluing their hands to the doors of Chase Tower in Austin, protesting Chase’s connection to the fossil fuel industry, especially overseas. Exctinction Rebellion also recently glued themselves to trains in the UK. American interest in oil and gas will continue to be the subject of protest and action for climate justice and environmental protection. For now, Climate Strike TX is accepting donations to sponsor bus rides from San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas to Austin for the Tuesday rally. You can sponsor a ride at paypal.me/txclimate, here.

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