“You can’t steal our summer!” Climate Strike TX calls for May 24 Walkout

Crossing borders and meeting at the intersection of environmental destruction and gun violence, MFOL Houston, Climate Strike TX, and Fridays for Future Hermosillo (Mexico) are encouraging students to “Walkout Against Lead Poisoning” or “Retirada Contra El Saturnismo” on May 24, 24 de Mayo.

“Lead poisoning” is a play on words referring to water contamination and gun violence, thought up by USYCS TX State Lead VL Baco-Gaffney. She recalls her family’s story of how her cousin died of “lead poisoning,” which she took at face-value as child, but learned when she was older that he was actually the victim of a railyard shooting in his home state of New York.

The Walkout is calling for students to abandon school for the day and start their summer fun, saying “You can’t steal our summer,” and “Sin Termo No Hay Fiesta (it’s not a party without a thermos.)” Participants are asked to take photos of their day with their “reusables, refillables, and recycleds,” aka utensil sets, metal or glass straws, and RTICs/YETIs or similar bottles, cups, and jugs. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for aesthetic pics of your coffee in a travel cup! Starbucks does take $.10 off for having your own container.

Tweet #SinTermosNoHayFiesta and WALKOUT AGAINST LEAD POISONING on May 24. Show some international love!

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