United Fates Fest calls for series of Strikes beginning 9/4 through Election Day

Following Turnout Tuesday’s lead, United Fates Fest has begun planning weekly themed “#Strike4” events, starting with the #GeneralStrike on September 4, 2020 and ending on U.S. Federal Elections Day, November 3. The nine sequential “action days” highlight activism and advocacy movements like the youth push for the Green New Deal, and gun violence prevention. Much like March For Our Lives’ Turnout Tuesday program, #Strike4 will heavily push voter registration and awareness of the importance of civic engagement, especially by younger or first-time voters, who now outnumber their older voter counterparts, and have since 2018.

what do you strike 4_with caption

The series begins with an international General Strike on the opening day of UFF2020 in Austin, Texas. That evening, UFF will host a Climate Debate/Rally. Aptly sitting on Labor Day weekend, adding one more day to your holiday break is a great way to show your support of movements “for a future we can be proud of.”

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@USClimateQueens on Twitter has already begun spreading awareness of the #Strike4GND “Green Week” and other UFF partners are expected to follow suit in support of their “category” themed day. Now the only thing left to ask is, what do you #Strike4 ?


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