#MISOGYNADA: End the intersectional oppression of Latinas

Breaking news yesterday (14 September) revealed that US immigration authorities have been forcefully sterilizing detained women. Across the board, the cries have been consistent: this will not be tolerated.

By coincidence, this week is #PinkForPower week in the #TurnoutTogether campaign, a series of ten themed weeks leading up to Election Day in November. Pink Week focuses on anti-misogyny, access to reproductive healthcare for all, and ending the stigma against “untraditional families” without biological/self-birthed children.

Original #Strike4ReproRights “Pink Week” graphic design for TurnoutTogether

Non-Partisan youth civics organization Voters of Tomorrow published the third installment of their “VOTCast” Podcast this week, featuring testimony from TurnoutTogether creator Virginia Leah Gaffney-Baco about the difficulties she faced obtaining a voluntary tubal ligation and ablation last year. In light of the news, Gaffney tweeted: “When I was scouring the state of Texas for a doctor to give me an elective sterilization, I didn’t know it would have been easier to simply be detained by ICE and have one forced upon me.”

The Texas Activist Network followed with a Tweet recalling that Hitler’s Third Reich had a similar program of compulsory sterilization for disabled and other “un-ideal” members of the population. Intersectionality of reproductive rights and ableism are long-standing in history, including in the US as established by Buck v Bell (SCOTUS 1927.) Repealing this ruling has been an ongoing fight by the disabled community, who argue that just as Roe v Wade was based on the 14th Amendment Right to Privacy, sterilization should not be allowed involuntarily. Gaffney strongly agrees with this basis, as a disabled activist herself.

Profile photo posted to Facebook with the caption, “If you’re not living your life in a way Hitler would have hated, what are you even doing?”

Voters of Tomorrow is the headlining sponsor organization of the TurnoutTogether campaign, taking on graphic design and social media demands for raising awareness of the project and pushing youth voter participation in this election cycle, even beyond the presidential race.

New “PinkForPower” square graphic for use on Instagram.

GenDelta calls for the use of #MisogyNADA to end racially-motivated hatred of women detained at the border and across the US by ICE, as well as the misogyny against Latinas living in the States ‘freely.’ This is an intersectional issue that is woven into American society and can be actively combatted.

Also in “pink” news this week was JK Rowling’s announcement of her upcoming transphobic femicide mystery novel, and Jamie Lynn Spears taking over her sister Britney’s conservatorship. Plenty of reasons to post your #PinkForPower pics across social media!

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