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A March For Our Lives was founded February of 2018 immediately following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS massacre that occurred Valentine's Day of the same year. Students and families alike took to the internet and media to call out legislators and political leaders for their inaction that could have prevented the mass shooting. March 24,... Continue Reading →


Now is your chance to shine as a member of the Activism On the Road "AOTR" National Team! Answer a few basic questions about yourself and you're on your way! Seems no reason NOT to apply! Click the image to link to the form and visit AOTR on Twitter @activontheroad

Climate change denier trolls out in full force

It all started with a Tweet about baking cookies in the car. The image was a screenshot from, detailing the slow and fast changes noticeable about our climate relavent to climate warming. Rapid changes include disappearance of glacial ice, while slower changes include aidification by CO2. Wait, who the heck is Steve? He may... Continue Reading →

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