Thoughts on “The Burn Book”

Early this morning, an anonymous post was shared to this website in an act of vigilante justice, giving five names of members of the activism community whom have committed serious wrongs, encouraging their barring from future activism efforts. The wrongs range from fraud to bullying to child endangerment, and I cannot disagree with the article's... Continue Reading →

Bio: Virginia Gaffney

Twitter • Instagram • Tumblr • Camp Oak Hallows Birthday: November 8, 1999 Location: Austin, TX Registered to Vote: January 2018 in TX-CD-17, TX-S-14, TX-HD-50 Organizations: Activism On the Road, National Die-In, National March On the NRA @ Dallas, GenStrongChange Fun Facts About Me: Third generation Euro-Latina. I can eat my body weight in fried... Continue Reading →

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