On getting away

Thoughts on getting away. My son and I flew to Alaska yesterday.  Its been a much needed break.  Nobody except my close friends up here know what happened to me and it’s been nice to be away from everything.  I’m currently on a sightseeing train and it’s given me some time to think.  Being in... Continue Reading →

Birthday celebration

Last Sunday was Kimberly's birthday.  We had been invited by the Mischief Managed website to attend LeakyCon.  LeakyCon is the biggest Harry Potter convention in the country.  This weekend there were 10,000 fans at the convention center in Dallas. Walking into the marketplace on Thursday evening. Mr T (my son) and I knew we were... Continue Reading →

Stuff and Things

I had to go to Santa Fe a few days ago and pick up Kimberly's cross.  I guess the school wanted them moved by the start of term or whatever.  They had said that the crosses would stay on the property permanently. It's another item I have in my possession that I would really rather... Continue Reading →

This is me

I was at Walmart a few days ago and this song came on the Muzak station.  "I am brave. I am strong.  I am who I'm meant to be, this is me."  Yes I probably butchered that and I'm not so bothered by it. My name is Rhonda Hart.  I grew up in a little... Continue Reading →

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