March on the NRA

March on the NRA Written and edited by: Laur Baird On August 4th, Fairfax, Virginia, I protested against the NRA. It was overall a very motivational and inspiring movement, aside from all of the sadness and heartbreak that took place as well. I was there from around 11 in the morning, to around 3 in... Continue Reading →

Never Forget

with new stories constantly popping up in the media, sometimes it is hard to remember the people who matter the most in these horrible situations

A Woman’s Choice

A Woman's Choice Written and edited by: Laur Baird Abortion. It is a topic that comes up in countless debates and arguments between the supreme court and politicians. It is a topic that has very mixed reactions to it, and even stronger opinions for and against it. It has been this way for years and... Continue Reading →

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