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Reporting on Not Reporting: Assault survivor addresses false claims made by fellow ‘activist’

If you've been following along on activist twitter lately, you've probably seen postings about somebody fraudulently claiming to have survived a 2012 school shooting. Several community members are sharing their thoughts on using social justice for clout and attention, not even vaguely: However, the somebody in question took it a step further by not only interfering with the... Continue Reading →

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Thoughts on “The Burn Book”

Early this morning, an anonymous post was shared to this website in an act of vigilante justice, giving five names of members of the activism community whom have committed serious wrongs, encouraging their barring from future activism efforts. The wrongs range from fraud to bullying to child endangerment, and I cannot disagree with the article's... Continue Reading →

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On getting away

Thoughts on getting away. My son and I flew to Alaska yesterday.  Its been a much needed break.  Nobody except my close friends up here know what happened to me and it’s been nice to be away from everything.  I’m currently on a sightseeing train and it’s given me some time to think.  Being in... Continue Reading →

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