Bio: Gen Z Game Changer

Hi! I'm a high school girl in the U.S. and I'm part of the National Die-In organization. That's not very specific, but it's the best I can give you. I'll be writing for this website anonymously to respect my parents' wishes. Remember you can always find a way to make your voice heard. Social medias:... Continue Reading →


It's not easy. Especially if you're an LGBTQ+ teenager; especially if your identities are constantly invalidated not only outside of the LGBTQ+ community but inside it as well. I am 17 years old and have identified as bisexual for approximately three years. About one month ago, I started identifying as nonbinary as well. It is... Continue Reading →

A Southern Rural Perspective

Growing up I lived in a neighborhood outside Detroit, Michigan. Then I moved to a fairly large city not far from Houston, Texas. But then I moved again and I've only lived in this hill-country town called Marble Falls for about three years but I've come to know the people who call it home quite... Continue Reading →

Politics – a Love/Hate Relationship

Daelian Noelle Growing up in the era of the first black president, the stock market crash of ’08, and, most importantly, the era of connectivity through the media, I’ve been inundated with politics for as long as I can remember. Whereas now I feel lucky that I was exposed to and therefore began understanding political... Continue Reading →

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