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A March For Our Lives was founded February of 2018 immediately following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS massacre that occurred Valentine's Day of the same year. Students and families alike took to the internet and media to call out legislators and political leaders for their inaction that could have prevented the mass shooting. March 24,... Continue Reading →

Paige Cromley

Twitter: @paige_cromley Instagram: @paigecharlotte1 Organizations: March For Our Lives Houston and Students Rise (@studentsrise_) Why I Fight: I don't want to look back and wonder why I didn't. Activism Background: I first became involved in activism by organizing the March For Our Lives Houston event, but I've always been interested and outspoken about current events... Continue Reading →

Bio: Tori Delanís

Instagram: delannis Twitter: toridelanis Location & Age: Florida & 18 Why I Fight: I fight because I am a young mixed woman who will always experience discrimination from some people just because of the color of my skin. I fight for the rights of people of color everywhere. We are so discriminated against in this... Continue Reading →

bio: anna van boxtel

twitter: @anmavabo instagram: @anmavabo age & location: 14 & bloomington, indiana why i fight: i've never had any interest in guns, really. i've grown up hearing about gun violence almost every week of my life. i guess before parkland, i didn't really think there was anything i could do to help. i remember where i... Continue Reading →

Bio: Aly Sheehy

Twitter and Instagram: @Aly_Sheehy Location: Parkland, Florida Organizations: March for our Lives Orlando, Neveragain, and Make Our Schools Safe. Why I Fight: I have lived in Parkland my entire life and never really left the "bubble" that was our community. Parkland was considered one of the safest cities and prided itself on being a family friendly... Continue Reading →

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