Bio: Virginia Gaffney

Twitter • Instagram • Tumblr • Camp Oak Hallows Birthday: November 8, 1999 Location: Austin, TX Registered to Vote: January 2018 in TX-CD-17, TX-S-14, TX-HD-50 Organizations: Activism On the Road Fun Facts About Me: Third generation Euro-Latina. I can eat my body weight in fried rice and every square foot of my bedroom has something... Continue Reading →

Dean Strange

"And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." In any hour of great darkness, when all light seems to be fading slowly away, it is the responsibility of... Continue Reading →

Bio: Tori Delanís

Instagram: delannis Twitter: toridelanis Location & Age: Florida & 18 Why I Fight: I fight because I am a young mixed woman who will always experience discrimination from some people just because of the color of my skin. I fight for the rights of people of color everywhere. We are so discriminated against in this... Continue Reading →

bio: anna van boxtel

twitter: @anmavabo instagram: @anmavabo age & location: 14 & bloomington, indiana why i fight: i've never had any interest in guns, really. i've grown up hearing about gun violence almost every week of my life. i guess before parkland, i didn't really think there was anything i could do to help. i remember where i... Continue Reading →

Bio: Aly Sheehy

Twitter and Instagram: @Aly_Sheehy Location: Parkland, Florida Organizations: March for our Lives Orlando, Neveragain, and Make Our Schools Safe. Why I Fight: I have lived in Parkland my entire life and never really left the "bubble" that was our community. Parkland was considered one of the safest cities and prided itself on being a family friendly... Continue Reading →

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