bio: anna van boxtel

twitter: @anmavabo instagram: @anmavabo age & location: 14 & bloomington, indiana why i fight: i've never had any interest in guns, really. i've grown up hearing about gun violence almost every week of my life. i guess before parkland, i didn't really think there was anything i could do to help. i remember where i... Continue Reading →

Bio: Aly Sheehy

Twitter and Instagram: @Aly_Sheehy Location: Parkland, Florida Organizations: March for our Lives Orlando, Neveragain, and Make Our Schools Safe. Why I Fight: I have lived in Parkland my entire life and never really left the "bubble" that was our community. Parkland was considered one of the safest cities and prided itself on being a family friendly... Continue Reading →

Bio: Max Geller

Activism Background: I am a high school student in the Orlando area. After the MSD shooting, like many other students, I found myself void of surprise. It was just another day living in Florida where a year earlier, in my own city, 49 people were brutally murdered. Once I learned that I had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Bio: Megan McGuire

Twitter: @megan_mcguir Instagram: @megan.mcguir Location: Santa Fe, Texas Organization: Orange Generation Why I Fight: Despite living in the town over, when I was old enough for kindergarten, my parents enrolled me in the Santa Fe school district. They went through the hassle of driving me an extra 20 minutes each day because they believed that... Continue Reading →

Bio: Gen Z Game Changer

Hi! I'm a high school girl in the U.S. and I'm part of the National Die-In organization. That's not very specific, but it's the best I can give you. I'll be writing for this website anonymously to respect my parents' wishes. Remember you can always find a way to make your voice heard. Social medias:... Continue Reading →

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