#UFF2020 Scholars Program

Accessibility means affordability, and if that is one thing we can make easier for the youth activists changing our world, then we must. Become a Scholarship sponsor.

This year’s Scholars awards include:

  • Women in STEM Awarded to a female-identifying person interested in pursuing a science, technology, engineering, or math field in post-secondary school.
  • The Tidemaker’s Award for an activist who started a grassroots movement in their community
  • The Higher Vision Award for adult artists creating works on social justice topics
  • The Visionary Award for gradeschool artists creating works on social justice topics
  • The Higher Eyes Award for adult activists working on adult healthcare, hunger, and homelessness missions
  • The Quiet Eyes Award for gradeschool and college activists working on child healthcare, hunger, and homelessness missions
  • The Mighty Pen Award for gradeschool journalists and photographers documenting social justice movements
  • The Intersectional Award for gradeschool activists working on an intersectional issue (i.e. racism/poverty; accessibility/gender;)
  • The Heartbeat Award for gradeschool activists working in gun violence prevention and community healing after instances of gun violence
  • The Green Thumb Award for activists working on environmental and climate protection missions

Nominations OPEN January 1, 2020 | Submit via EMAIL or DM

Nominations CLOSE June 30, 2020 to give time to notify all nominees about their candidacy and arrange for their attendance.

If you or your business would like to make a donation to or fully sponsor a scholarship, or travel scholarship for a nominee, please contribute to our PayPal Pool. To fully sponsor an additional scholarship, please email us at unitedfates@gendelta.co


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