The brainchild of accessibility and education activist Virginia Leah Gaffney, from Austin, TX. Created in October 2019 for the US Activist Network. Originally, the sequence followed “rainbow order” and Orange Day followed Pink Day, rather than Yellow Day. This page has been updated since publishing to include up-to-date information on changes and advancements in the campaign program.

2020: September 4 to November 3

Theme: “Strike4____” [Votes, ReproRights, GND, AVoice, OurLives, Pride, Access, Policy, US]

#Strike4Votes, mass voter registration and candidates awareness boost.
#Strike4ReproRights covering not only women, but everyone in need of their Roe v Wade rights more permanently established in law. #PinkOutforPP
New, square graphic for “Pink Week”
During Pink Week, news surfaced that ICE authorities forced sterilization on several detained women non-consensually for non-justifiable reasons. Buck v Bell and Roe v Wade are at the forefront of discussions. Also in news. JK Rowling announces an Ace Ventura-esque new (transphobic femicide) novel about a cis man who disguised himself as a woman to kill women, and Britney Spears’ conservatorship is allocated to her sister, Jamie Lynn.
“Plain” Pink for Power graphic.
By design, Orange Action Day would have followed Pink Day. This was changed when Green Week was moved to follow Pink Week.
Updated Green Week design.
#Strike4AVoice, boosting the work of POC and celebrating black and brown culture; “The highest form of allyship by white people is to share without comment.” End marginalization and racism against ‘minorities.’
Updated Yellow Week graphic.
#Strike4OurLives against gun violence — a call back to MFOL, and GVP orgs who rally behind the color Orange as symbolic of the fight for gun sense.
#Strike4Pride — in congruence with National Coming Out Day (October 11)
Updated Pride Week graphic.
#Strike4Access — the angle of the “Turnout” resembles the ramp that the wheelchair avatar climbs. All forms of intersectional accessibility are highlighted this week, showing the diversity in disability and accommodation.
Updated Blue Week graphic. Calls for appropriation of #BlueLivesMatter hashtag as turnabout against QAnon conspiracy theorists who have co-opted the very real issue of child trafficking.
Bipartisanship feature — #Strike4Policy
Updated Purple Week graphic.
Original Prom at the Polls artwork by VL Gaffney, gesturing the Voters of Tomorrow logo

Adopted by Voters of Tomorrow’s Santiago Mayer in September 2020. Pre-requisite to “PromAtThePolls” and modified art.

Visit https://www.promatthepolls.com and read: https://t.co/YR7O4H1oxZ

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