United Fates Fest 2019

  • What is United Fates Fest?

This is the first annual, first-of-its-kind activism community event inviting advocates, artists, and everyone in between, for a weekend of community, panels, speakers presentations, performances, fundraising, and a scholarship award ceremony honoring the work and efforts of young activists making positive change in their communities, and our world.

  • Who can attend?

Anyone with a good heart and interest in supporting the work of honorees. Admission passes are on sale now, and free passes can be earned by selling passes to your community. View this post on our Facebook page for details.

  • Where and when is United Fates Fest?

June 21-23, 2019 in Austin, Texas

  • What do Partners do?

Partner businesses and organizations make indirect contributions to UFF by doing things like offering discounts on their services to passholders, sharing about the Fest on social media, hanging fliers where they can be seen by as many people as possible, distributing fliers to others, and/or hosting booths to fundraise for a cause.

  • What do Sponsors do?

Sponsor organizations, businesses, and individuals give monetary donations to the Fest via Supportful or another e-wallet, and can specify what their donation is intended for. Anyone can sponsor any of the pre-set scholarships displayed on our Supportful page.

Scholarship donors of over $100 have the opportunity to be a part of our award ceremony and be photographed with the recipient of the scholarship. Donors of over $250 will be invited to an award dinner after the ceremony.

General Expense Donors of at least $50 receive a free Green Pass. Donors of at least $100 receive two Green Passes. $200 in donations earns five free Green Passes. $500 in donations grants five Green and five Red Passes. $1000 in donations grants five of each of Green, Red, and Blue Passes. This is the same scale as for individuals blockwalking in their community to ask for smaller amount donations that build up to these amounts.

Individual Sponsors contributing over $100 will have their name printed on Fest merch. Sponsors contributing over $300 will have their logo printed on Fest merch tshirt-backs. Sponsors contributing over $500 will have their name and logo on banners and ads.

  • Can I volunteer?

Yes! Activism runs on volunteers. If you are available to work a five hour block as a Pass and ID Checker on any of the three days of the festival, you will be granted an admission pass. Please email unitedfates@gendelta.co with your full name, address, a scanned copy of your ID, and at least two references. You must be over 25 to volunteer.

  • What’s the best way to help the Fest?

Never stop talking about United Fates. Post on social media. Talk about it at dinner with friends. Hang a flier at work. Leave fliers in mailboxes. Send the info to people you know. Nominate someone. Ask someone to nominate you, making them ask, “What am I nominating you for?” Buy Fest merch online and wear it or give it as a gift. Give someone Passes for their birthday. Buy a few Passes and gift them to a local youth group. Ask your boss to buy Passes for your office and encourage your peers to plan the trip together. It’s a summer vacation and you already have your day planned out! Word of mouth is what this event will thrive on. So don’t shut up about it.

View all festival resources: here

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Blue Tickets // Red Tickets // Green Tickets

Blue Passes come with a free tshirt and 20% discount on merchandise sales

Red Passes come with a free waterbottle and 15% discount

Green Passes come with a free keychain and 10% discount

Exhibit Hall Admission Passes only grant entry to the booths and activities area.

Click here to register as a partner organization or sign up as a team member



It’s not too late to become a speaker or panelist. Sign up today and encourage your group to register as well, or attend as guests and see you speak!

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